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With a solid reputation for reliability, call Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape for your future landscaping or landscape design project.

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Lawn Care

The experts at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape know that proper care and maintenance remain vital roles in the health of your lawn.

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We are committed to maintaining our unsurpassed reputation of leadership in the landscaping industry.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care and mowing services are customized to each customer to best suit their needs.


Complete satisfaction in our lawn maintenance services is our top priority and #1 goal for our clients.

Snow Removal

Our staff will plow during the day and more than once in 24 hours should conditions warrant.

Lowell Landscaping Company

Lowell Landscape Design

We do more than just mow your lawn and add new mulch every year. We do the little things to your lawn and landscaping to give the homeowner or business owner a sense of pride when someone visits their home or business.

Your outdoor environment is something that you should and will be proud of when you have Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape take care of all your Lowell area landscaping needs. We treat your home and business like it’s our own and it shows.

Below is a list of some of our landscaping, landscape maintenance and lawn maintenance services with descriptions below them.

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Lowell Residential Landscaping

The Lowell residential landscaping experts at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape can provide landscaping design, installation and project management for your home. Beautiful landscaping enhances your home, making it appealing to guests and family.

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Lowell Commercial Landscaping

Lowell commercial landscaping company, Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape can provide detailed landscaping, routine maintenance, stone or paver walkways and snowplowing to enhance the look of your business, making it appealing to your customers.

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Lowell Landscape Design

Lowell landscape design by Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape sees our professional landscape design as long-term artistic solutions for your business or home’s outdoor aesthetics. Our landscape architects design cohesive and natural landscape plans. Clients can build all at once or budget and build in phases that work together.

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Lowell Landscape Maintenance

Shrub, hedge, and groundcover trimming & pruning is usually performed twice per year (though some may be trimmed once or not at all). Benefits include aesthetics, health, and plant size management. There are many and varying techniques, tools, opinions, budgets, goals, and perceptions when it comes to correct pruning and trimming. Spring and Fall clean-up is a big part of yard and lawn maintenance. Removal of leaves, sticks, litter, etc. from lawn and bed areas is necessary aesthetically, but also in preparing the turf and beds for the upcoming seasons and for reducing disease, insect, and rodent problems.

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Lowell Hardscapes, Walls & Patios

Hardscapes are the part of a home or building’s grounds consisting of structures, such as patios, retaining walls and walkways, made with hard materials like brick, cement and stone. Lowell hardscape and landscaping experts at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape can provide your home or business the hardscapes you envision.

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Lowell Ponds & Water Features

Ponds and waterfalls create a tremendous landscape focal point or a private escape. Backyard ponds and waterfalls have grown in popularity as a landscaping amenity. Owners of both commercial and residential property are discovering the joy, pleasure and financial benefits that adding a pond and waterfall can afford. Whether you have an expansive lawn or a small garden, at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape we will design a pond and waterfall to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Lowell Lawn Care

As a homeowner or business owner, the Lowell lawn care specialists at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape know you take pride in your investment inside and out. Our lawn care professionals prides themselves on using the highest quality products along with our highly trained and experienced lawn care experts to service all of your lawn care needs. Your complete satisfaction in our lawn maintenance services is our top priority and #1 goal.

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Lowell Snow Removal

The Lowell snow removal professionals at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape offer residential and commercial snow removal, shoveling and snow plowing. Snow removal in Lowell is a must for businesses and most homes.

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Lowell Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our spring cleanup service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the winter season throughout your property and landscape beds and hauling away the debris from your property. In Michigan, the winters are always different and an early spring is always on everyone’s wish list. The rapidly melting snows along with the cool, overcast, and wet weather bring special conditions that need immediate attention prior to the start of spring. Regardless of the amount of cleanup you did last fall, there is always more to do to get your lawn and landscape ready for the growing season.

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Lowell Mulch Delivery & Installation

The Lowell landscape design architects at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape provide mulch and/or wood chip delivery and installation for your home or business throughout Lowell. Mulch can be used in many ways, including around trees, plants and flowers or on walks, trails, driveways, play areas and natural areas. Depending on the type of mulch you use, the depth of the mulch will vary.

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Lowell Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

The Lowell sprinkler installation professionals at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape will design and install your sprinkler system at your home or business. Our commercial and residential Lowell landscaping company has installed and serviced hundreds of irrigation systems in Lowell and surrounding areas.

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We strive to enhance the look of your home or business' landscaping, making it appealing to your guests or customers. Contact the Lowell landscaping experts at Pro Cut Lawn Care & Landscape today free estimate or call us directly at 616.421.4148.

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